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 Combat Veteran Players

A real-life Band of Brothers & Sisters

This has got to be good - Shakespeare is art, you can’t abuse that

Shaun Johnson – The Times Aug 2015


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Ex-Royal Artillery - Shaun served eight years with a Gun Regiment and three years’ service with a Ceremonial Mounted Regiment. His Public Duties included Royal Salutes, Her Majesty’s State and Royal Visits, Her Majesty the Queen’s Birthday Parades, and Her Majesty the Queen’s Life Guards. In the early 1980’s active tours of duty saw him deploy to West Belfast, HMP Maze and County Tyrone Northern Ireland.

After sustaining a crush injury Shaun left the army but found it difficult transitioning into civilian life. Drifting from job to job, he signed up at the Dance Attic London for a two-year part-time course in Acting, Improvisation, Voice, and Speech.

However, the years that followed were harsh and severely affected his mental health which he suffered in silence for almost 13 years. He eventually sought help with Combat Stress the military mental health charity and diagnosed with hyper-vigilance and PTSD. In 2010, he joined the Combat Veteran Players, which he claims was a revelation and aid to his continued recovery.

He recently played Malvolio in Twelfth Night at the Leicester Square Theatre London. Other acting credits include playing Lysander in A Midsummer Night’s Dream and Corporal Nym/The Dauphin in Henry V. Notably in 2014 he played Hamlet at Shakespeare's Globe and will be returning to the Globe later in 2016 to play Richard III. In May Shaun will be appearing at the Poetry-Next-The-Sea festival to read poetry themed on WW1. http://poetrynextthesea.co.uk/

Shaun is currently working with Shakespeare’s Soldiers, a new and exciting incentive comprised of military veterans delivering Shakespeare workshops to schools across the UK. http://www.shakespearessoldiers.co.uk/

He has also appeared on television, radio, and in several national newspapers talking about his experiences.


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