War Veterans Take To The Stage

 Combat Veteran Players

A real-life Band of Brothers & Sisters


Michael served in the Royal Green Jackets (AKA The Rifles) as an Infantry Soldier. He suffered from PTSD and homelessness when leaving the army. He has subsequently developed an interest in the arts and culture because his cousin, Catherine Tate is an actress. 

Michael was helped by Veterans Aid when he found himself homeless, and they housed him in Fulham. Through going to see SSAFA in Stoll, he found out from a friend about acting and joined the Combat Veteran Players in 2015. Twelfth Night is his debut performance with the company. Alongside his acting career, Michael is a university student studying the Social Sciences. His hobbies are Tai chi, yoga, martial arts and he will be training as a gym instructor. He likes to act because it gives him the opportunity to build skills and confidence to support his recovery. He looks forward to working with the company again and to being involved in the next production.