War Veterans Take To The Stage

 Combat Veteran Players

A real-life Band of Brothers & Sisters


Androcles Joseph Scicluna, better known as the Maltese Pavarotti, made his debut at the age of four singing ‘How much is that Doggie in the Window?’. He has not stopped singing since, winning several trophies as well as appearing on television in Malta.

He joined the British Army with the Royal Corp of Signals and worked as a Data Telegraphist while continuing to entertain the Army by singing and playing the harmonica. In 1979, his career with the Army came to an end on medical grounds. For a number of years, he fell into deep depression and went into hibernation away from everybody, until he was contacted by Combat Stress. Through Combat Stress, he was introduced to Jaclyn McLoughlin, the founder and director of Combat Veteran Players, who not only directed him in playing one of the leading roles in A Midsummer Night’s Dream but also modified the script to allow him to make his debut at The Old Vic Tunnels singing ‘Nessun Dorma’. 

Since joining the CVP, he has not looked back. He has played a number of characters in Henry V and Hamlet and has performed in several theatres including the Globe. When asked about his greatest achievement in life, Androcles always replies: “When I am able to teach what I learn to others”. For this reason, he is a keen participant in Amanda Faber’s project where, together with other members of Shakespeare’s Soldiers, he runs workshops to help pupils boost their confidence and improve their performance skills. Androcles considers the work he does in this context to be highly rewarding.